Bearsden District Rifle & Pistol Club

Target Rifle

BDRPC Target Rifle

The NSRA generally refers to shooting .22 LR calibre rifles over a distance of between 15 yards and 25 metres 'indoors' as being short range shooting. Targets are generally outward gauging (touching a ring on the target scores the lower of the two adjacent scores), except on some of the Schools and older targets (e.g. 5 bull targets). Being indoors, no allowance is necessary for wind, light or other changes. Shots are scored as decimal values from 0 to 10, with no decimal places.

All shooting at the Club is shooting at a static target from a static position.  The objective is to achieve a degree of precision and control while shooting.  For example a typical good prone shooter will be able consistently to hit a target the size of a 5p piece at 50 metres.   This requires a great deal of concentration and control.     Shooting is carried out in standing, kneeling and prone positions with a variety of rifles and also air pistols.    We shoot competitively in Club, County and National competitions.    Although the Club does not have an outdoor range we have access to such ranges and shoot both small-bore and full-bore outdoors in the summer months.