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Gallery Rifle

BDRPC Gallery Rifle

Gallery Rifle Shooting or Gallery Rifle and Pistol shooting is a popular shooting sport throughout the world. In countries such as the UK, Ireland, Germany, South Africa and Australia national and international competitions are regularly undertaken. The discipline commonly uses rifles shot at short and medium distances chambered for traditional pistol calibers such as .22 Long Rifle,.38 and .357 calibres, .44 and .45. It is popular in countries where traditional pistol shooting difficult or not possible. In the UK Long Barreled Pistols (LBPs)and Long Barreled Revolvers (LBRs) are also part of the overall discipline.


Most Gallery Rifle events are shot at distances between 10m and 50m although a few do go out to 300 meters. There is a large selection of GR events which only require range space out to 25 meters so the discipline is easily accessible and can be shot on indoor ranges. The most common shooting position is standing unsupported but some events do test the competitor’s skills from other positions such as kneeling, sitting or from the weak shoulder or hand. Some competitions are deliberate precision events whilst others require the competitor to shoot and reload quite quickly. The targets can be stationary or turning at set intervals.

Classification rules allow rifles to be fitted with either iron sights, scopes or red dot sights. Targets vary according to the event being shot. Targets range from traditional concentric circle 'bullseye' targets to various styles of disruptive pattern designs. Targets may be fixed facing the shooters or set on turning target mechanisms which are requires for rapid and snap shooting events.

Many events are also shot in classes or divisions which allow people to compete equally amongst their peers. The classification system is administered by the country specific NGBs.