Bearsden District Rifle & Pistol Club

Air Pistol

BDRPC Air Pistol

About the event. 

(Shot at the Bearsden range on Friday evenings & Saturday mornings)

The 10 metre Air Pistol discipline is an event shot in the Commonwealth Games, Olympic Games and in International Shooting Sport Federation (ISSF) events around the globe. These are commonly known as the ISSF world cup.  These events generally allow countries to win quota places at major events such as the Olympic Games.  

A typical course of fire is 60 shots in 1 hour 15 minutes for men and 40 shots in 50 minutes for women.  Not included in this time is 15 minutes of preparation and sighting time where a shooter may take practice shots to adjust his or her gun to suit the lighting conditions or the specific target which they are shooting at.  The shooter also gets 15 minutes set-up time during which they lay out the equipment they need for shooting.  This time may be used to dry fire in order to ready themselves for the shoot ahead.  

After the course of 60 or 40 shots the top 8 qualifiers enter into an elimination final.  This consists (as of Jan 2017) a minimum of 12 and up to 24 shots.  The scoring, unlike the qualifier which is integer, is decimalised and the maximum score per shot is 10.9.  The shots are fired on command and each shot has a time of 50 seconds.  

The first elimination takes place after the 12th shot.  

A final runs as follows:

  • Competition series: 5 shots in 250 seconds.
  • scores are announced
  • 2nd competition series: 5 shots in 250 seconds
  • scores are announced

From here it is then single shots in groups of 2, Scores and eliminations are announced after every even numbered shot:

  • First competition shot, one shot is fired in a maximum time of 50 seconds.  This happens twice and after each group of two shots there is an elimination. Bronze medal is decided after shot 22.  Gold and Silver after shot 24.

Unlike the qualification the spectators are encouraged to give as much support to their favourite shooter by any means possible up to and including drums (Yes, Drums!).  They can celebrate a good ten by their favourite shooter or a poor shot by their favourite shooters competitors.


About the equipment

Specifically the 10m Pistol event is shot using Air Pistols if a calibre of 4.5mm or 0.177".  The head of the pellet is a Wadcutter design (fig.1) which is a flat nosed pellet.  This is because these leave a near perfect circle in the paper that it is shot through (fig.2).  This makes it easier to gauge and judge scores.